Founded in 1922 from William Voit, this American company dedicated to the development of rubber products, specifically sport balls. At the beginning of 50s, they began manufacturing also rubber fins and masks; then, in 1955 2-hose self-breathing apparatus under U.S. Divers license, such as the VR-1 single-stage and VR-2 Mariner with 2 stages, becoming one of the first 5 American companies to produce diving gear, together with US Divers, Healthways, Dacor, Swimaster. During these years, the company was extraordinarily successful because of its advertising which brought them to supply their gear for several movies, including the “Sea Hunt” series.
In 1957 Voit Rubber Corporation was purchased by Amf - American Machine and Foundry, one of the largest US companies in the sports equipment sector, while remaining independent. Two years later there was the launch of the first regulator designed and built entirely on its own, the Voit 50 Fathom which evolves in different versions.



In 1962 Voit acquired Swimaster; a brand which later became the mark of the Amf/Voit Pro line. Swimaster Trieste R22 was part of this line; it was a 2-hose regulator with a body certainly smaller of any other regulator. Produced in two series between 1966 and 1971, it was the last “2-hose” regulator of Voit that, from the following year, marketed only single-hose regulators. In this period the Explorer II was born and shortly after the famous Dolphin of 1965 with its characteristic second square stage.
It was the 1970 when Ludovico Mares sold his company to Amf and, following a sales agreement made in this year, Voit regulators were present in the Amf-Mares catalogues with R12 and MR12 models, presented together to the less performant Mares Sensor.
At the beginning of the 80s, Voit disappeared from the diving sector and transferred in Mexico where they currently manufacture balls and other sport items. They leave an important memory, that we can summarize with more than 60 models and versions of regulators, with one and two hoses, high-tech for their times.