There are still many diving gears, old or historical and several can be easily found browsing in internet or in the flea markets; others, on the contrary, are less common and require patience and dedication to be found.
Finally, there are gear items certainly rare.
We know about these items because we see them in one or two famous international collections, or they are mentioned in old catalogues or in some old advertising, described in books or in diving magazines of their time.
Collectors’ dream is to find a never seen and beautiful part easily, in the flea market; one recognized as rare, assigned to give prestigious and value to one’s collection.
However, how can one-piece rarity can be defined? In principle, it is based on three factors: period, esteemed quantity of pieces produced and current availability. So, let’s assume that a certain object is from many, many years go ago; if we assume that it comes from a limited production and, until now, it was never shown then, we can say it that it is a rarity.
Regarding its value, it also depends from different factors, among them, its level of rarity, its historical importance and its state; if the part results to be intact, functioning and visually perfect, it will be highly valuable; on the contrary, it will be heavily penalized if it is not complete with all its parts, not functioning and visibly ruined.
A different approach must be taken for those unique items of artisan production, such as many underwater cameras and some spearguns made between 1940 and 1960. Being born unique items, they are rare by itself therefore, they would deserve a different range.  
In this website section we begin now to list items of which we know their appearance is minimal or null, in the worldwide collector sector. Surely, we will add new elements once we will know about their rarity while, we will eliminate others if, at a certain time, their previous qualification will result wrong.


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