MARCH 2018

The section “Let’s talk of …” is having a big success; it is opened to everybody. We wish that other collectors profit to divulge their precious competence. In the meantime, a brand-new article of Maurizio Baldinucci came out, this time dedicated the relationship “movie-regulators”. A fascinating union in which we can re-experience, by means of an accurate narrative and lots of images, scenes of famous movies where we can see historic diving gear together with famous actors.
Concerning diving equipment, our website recently acquired some rare pieces, such as the precursor of all diving spear guns, the Pulvenis, that can be set between the hand spears and the first spear gun models, with the classic handle invented  in 1937 by Kramarenko. Then Mares VicoJet De Luxe stainless-steel model, perhaps produced in a very small series or only on order, in competition with the exclusive SuperTrident of Salvas, the first stainless steel spear gun offered as an alternative to the standard Trident.
In the regulator sector, we can highlight the continuous increase of the two-hose models made in USA that, slowly, allow to build the evolution of the series began with Mistral, in an escalation of changes and new models to arrive to the Royal Mistral branded, above all,  U.S. Divers and Aqualung, unknown in Europe.
A special attention is brought to the illustrated catalogues of diving gear of the first decades, difficult to find but extremely important means to build, with precision, the rise and evolution of historic equipment and instruments appeared between 1935 and the beginning of the 1970. In their specific section, until now the complete catalogues are 22, scanned page by page and downloadable. Many other are coming, also of unknown companies. It is impressive to discover how much information it was available to the divers, during the time, considering that once, almost everything was produced by artisans, alternating genius inventions to extravagant ones. Speaking about numbers, with the contribution of several collectors and passionate, our descriptive technical sheets of different products are more than 600; files dedicated to dating report the origin year of 1.100 gear and other hundreds are waiting to be inserted. Speaking about the pictures, those present in our website are more than 1.500.
One section is still, that one of Special Collections and, it is a pity considered the curiosity created by little known things, equal to the simplest and expected ones, presented following a scheme. It could be the humblest piece of equipment, the snorkel, to show a series of types, models, colors to tell its evolution path, from the piece made by a gas hose used by pioneers to the more sophisticated units, equipped with valves and deflectors. Then knives, gadgets, harpoons and others. All contribute to enrich our technic/historic culture or, simply, our curiosity for that adventurous and fascinating period which characterized a diving age, very far away.




Sometime passed from our last encounter and we have lots of news. Besides the continuous increasing of contents in each sector, during the last months a new column was opened called Old Market, which disappeared at the beginning of November. At its place, after few weeks, there was its closing notice. Why? This Market was born with a special goal. First, it had to be known, to transform in something exclusive. At the beginning it had a discreet success but, in October, it brought to insisting and continuous requests of not compatible insertions, information, evaluations, derogations from the accepted ages; at the end, this was a loss and, in some cases, also annoyances, enough to decide to close it. A pity but, it will not be the last time that it happens. This website wants to stay alive, anything but stagnant therefore sections that, during the time, show to be difficult to manage or little appreciated, will be changed. Back to our Old Market, we might be thinking to reissue it, based on completely different assumptions. Its place has been taken now by "OUR COLLECTIONS", a space dedicated to those people who are cooperating to manage this website and wish to show to the public images of what they collected with passion. Remaining in the blue string of the main menu, the column "LET’S TALK OF...." is opened to anyone who has something particularly interesting to publish. A precious article of Maurizio Baldinucci with the title "the surprising origin of Mistral" is already there. Another news is the publication of the complete catalogues of the diving companies of the historic times (Technic> Catalogues and logos of diving companies>complete catalogues): for now, we have Malagamba (1939), Cressi (1947 and 1953), Mares (1963), Technisub (1968). If you have a catalogue dated until the beginning of 1970, it will be published with your name. Same proposal regarding the last news “CURIOSITIES AND STRANGENESSES", a collection of anecdotes and unknown news, to which everybody can attend. Someone told us that it is quite hidden (Museum > documents and images of diving history > Curiosity and strangenesses). We will see how to make it more visible. Last thing: in July we succeeded in opening the brand-new Diving Collectors Register of Italy, the collectors’ register of diving items of all ages: This is a unique initiative in the world, which already counts registrations of many among the most famous International collectors. The website address is < >. If you are collectors of diving gear or of diving helmet equipment please, register!




To grow and continuously improve is part of the priority of this website, of its own nature. So, it happened also in the last period, with the introduction of new products, pictures, technical information, historic news. Above all, with the last improvement of its structure and the introduction of the search engine, although if not final yet. Also, if we did not advertise it, has already several followers also International, from Europa to USA until Australia, where one collector asked a lot of questions and advises. Unfortunately, we are not able to satisfy the requests of those who ask for all pages in English however, several documents will be available also in English soon. We remind you that this website is opened for the cooperation of everybody, as we specified in the News. Please, let us know about special gear that you own or technical news, and we will publish them with your name.



The August’s calm suggested to review some parts of the website structure; you can see it above all in its new menus and submenus, more immediate and faster. Also, the guide has been reviewed since, before, it was not too clear and useful to the majority, as it had to be. We corrected few mistakes. We kindly ask you to inform us about them, when you find one! Concerning the new introductions, there are several ones in the Lamps and electronic computer sections while some other addition has been made in Spear gun, Underwater Photography, Equipment age. Historic company profiles are now four, with the entrance of Healthways and Scubapro, soon adding Spirotechnique and Technisub. In the introduction of the companies that made the history of diving, somehow, we try to follow a time line but, the difficulty to find news and images of their age sometimes makes this a hard job. We remind you that this website is opened for the cooperation of everybody. Please, send us news and special gear that you own. We will publish them with your name. Going back to the main page of these news, you find some information.


JULY 2016

Right now, this website is online however, it is incomplete, with many sections, poor of contents. It will take two months to improve it, with a lot of material.
Work in progress, be patient.

In this last period, the website structure had some improvements while the Guide highlighted in red in the main menu now should give a clear idea of how to navigate in the different sections, subsections and menus.
The new introductions refer to several sectors.
The technical sheets of spear guns were completed for all 96 models present in the Virtual Museum; in Equipment age, the list of gear passed 900 items; in Underwater Photography we added the complete series of Nikonos; single hose regulator arrived to 116 and in the Fins and Masks section there are now about twenty products. Also, the Workshop section enriched of other two illustrated maintenance charts with the very precious series of demonstrating pictures.
At this point, this website is composed of more than 500 pages but, considering that many sections are low of contents, thanks to the contribution of our new and old friends we see the possibility soon of reaching 1.000 pages. It is an ambitious goal, quite worrying!!


















APRIL 2023