Scubapro was founded in California, USA by Gustav Della Valle and Dick Bonin in 1963, when diving was mainly fishing with long guns with spring and regulators with two corrugated hoses had little alternatives.

Della Valle was Italian. Since he was very young he fell in love with sea; he dived in all the Mediterranean Sea, having the occasion to know many important people in this sector, intended to become famous. In 1957, he moved to Florida where he began importing the Cressi equipment, of which he gave the distribution to Healthways for some areas, with which he cooperated up to the company bankruptcy, in December 1962. In California, he become Beauchat representative, one of his old friends and, the "S" of the Souplair regulator of the French company was adopted as Scubapro initial and logo. As soon as it was born, the small company put into the market the Scubair regulator, Healthways’ latest product released, in two versions "Sonic" and "J type" but now branded as Scubapro.Beuchat proposed him its new Jet Fin fins and Della Vale introduced them immediately in its catalogue. Jet Fin fins and Mark V regulator, derived by the last Healthways models, probably have been the two most significant products of this brand.

Ten years later, Scubapro expanded with manufacturing plants in different Countries, among those Italy. In 1974, at the top of its success, Della Valle sold it to the S.C. Johnson group, retiring in a small Caribbean island. Later, he came back to California where he started an important wine industry, another success story. However, its name remains the Scubapro and his history symbol. He died in 1995.