The company was founded in 1953 by Sam Davison under The Davison Corporation, shortened in Dacor. It has been one of the five enterprises that began manufacturing scuba diving gear in USA to become famous: Healthways, U.S. Divers, Voit, Swimaster, Dacor.
During its history, it proposed many big and small innovations, from the regulator to be externally calibrated in 1958 to the anatomic snorkel in 1960, the double discharge valve in the second stage to reduce the respiratory effort in 1969 and the system to block the free-flow when the regulator is out of the mouth in 1972. Then, the Venturi control in 1979, to which followed, in 1991, the overbalanced first stage, able to increase the intermediate pressure in relation to depth increase, to maintain the breathing effort uniform. 

During the years Dacor imposed itself as a primary brand at international level, with manufacturing plants in the USA, Japan and Europe.
In 1978, the company was at the forefront also with diving computers, proposing an instrument able to give parameters of U.S. Navy tables during the dive. It was a simple table reader that did not allow calculating the real decompression time, at all effects necessary but, during those times, it seemed futuristic. At the time of producing it, the special battery supplier’s factory burned, and this project was put on a side.
In 1999, Dacor joined the Mares group. From then, it is one of Mares’ main brand.