The technical section familiarises us with the equipment, allowing us to discover the companies of this historical period with their products, catalogs and advertisements.

► Within the Historical Companies section you'll find the companies listed with an outline of their origins and their products of greater historical value.

► The year in which the equipment was first introduced is a fundamental fact for its cataloging, unfortunately it’s not always easy to determine it accurately and therefore sometimes the dates will be approximate.

► Data sheets, divided by brand, reported for each product provide the most relevant data and one or more detailed photos.

►  In the Workshop section there are descriptive articles, technical instructions and exploded view drawings of various products, in particular regulators and spear guns.

► The technical manuals of the individual products are presented with images of their covers. Further on it shall be possible to request them in digital format.

► The catalogs of the manufacturers are opened with a click and show all the pages that compose them, which can be enlarged as desired.

► In Vintage Advertisements there are reproductions of advertisements, posters and catalog covers from the early decades of diving history.