Sometime passed from our last encounter and we have lots of news. Besides the continuous increasing of contents in each sector, during the last months a new column was opened called Old Market, which disappeared at the beginning of November. At its place, after few weeks, there was its closing notice. Why? This Market was born with a special goal. First, it had to be known, to transform in something exclusive. At the beginning it had a discreet success but, in October, it brought to insisting and continuous requests of not compatible insertions, information, evaluations, derogations from the accepted ages; at the end, this was a loss and, in some cases, also annoyances, enough to decide to close it. A pity but, it will not be the last time that it happens. This website wants to stay alive, anything but stagnant therefore sections that, during the time, show to be difficult to manage or little appreciated, will be changed. Back to our Old Market, we might be thinking to reissue it, based on completely different assumptions. Its place has been taken now by "OUR COLLECTIONS", a space dedicated to those people who are cooperating to manage this website and wish to show to the public images of what they collected with passion. Remaining in the blue string of the main menu, the column "LET’S TALK OF...." is opened to anyone who has something particularly interesting to publish. A precious article of Maurizio Baldinucci with the title "the surprising origin of Mistral" is already there. Another news is the publication of the complete catalogues of the diving companies of the historic times (Technic> Catalogues and logos of diving companies>complete catalogues): for now, we have Malagamba (1939), Cressi (1947 and 1953), Mares (1963), Technisub (1968). If you have a catalogue dated until the beginning of 1970, it will be published with your name. Same proposal regarding the last news “CURIOSITIES AND STRANGENESSES", a collection of anecdotes and unknown news, to which everybody can attend. Someone told us that it is quite hidden (Museum > documents and images of diving history > Curiosity and strangenesses). We will see how to make it more visible. Last thing: in July we succeeded in opening the brand-new Diving Collectors Register of Italy, the collectors’ register of diving items of all ages: This is a unique initiative in the world, which already counts registrations of many among the most famous International collectors. The website address is < >. If you are collectors of diving gear or of diving helmet equipment please, register!



MAY 2017

After four months of forces stillness, our website is online completely updated. We transferred it in a larger operative platform, suitable to handle the reached dimensions and very easy to manage. This website maintains all characteristics of its original version, with the addition of few things: besides the extension of the contents in all sections, there are some news, among them a good search engine and two new titles in the main menu: Let’s talk of ... and Old Market. The first is a container intended to host various documents referred to gear and to their history, points of view, comments. The market is, instead, a space of free ads for whoever wants to sell or exchange something that is part of the types and ages considered in this website or, to propose switches. It presents as an unusual opportunity exclusively dedicated to “historic” or “old” products. It may become a meeting point for all those passionate who own old gear and precious memories.