NEWS stopped since a long time but, in the meantime, we improved not only our website contents but many other subjects. Recently, we added the new "RARITY" menu, addressed to those people who are engaged in the research and classification of ancient equipment. In our standard "LET’S TALK OF..." menu, we published the detailed historic-technical articles of Maurizio Baldinucci, the best at world level. There are some articles surely very interesting also to those people who are not much involved in diving such as, for example, Movies and respirators.
People who like to repair gear, in the "WORKSHOP" section they can find now documents and a complete support for regulators and spear guns. We will keep it updated, by inserting new brands and models.
NEWS section partly change its target; it was now improved by inserting documents and, general news of special interest, both current and historic. It is an initiative to make your visit to this website fascinating, also to those people less passionate of old diving gear.

Totally bilingual in Italian and English language, revised and widened in its contents, this website remains open to everyone’s contribution. If you wish to participate with documents or pictures of your equipment, that are not already published in this website please, send an email to, by specifying what you have. We will contact you.
Our website is broad and it presents, among other, forms of 800 types of gear and more than 2.000 pictures; for this reason, we recommend you watch it with a large monitor!
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MARCH 2018

The section “Let’s talk of …” is having a big success; it is opened to everybody. We wish that other collectors profit to divulge their precious competence. In the meantime, a brand-new article of Maurizio Baldinucci came out, this time dedicated the relationship “movie-regulators”. A fascinating union in which we can re-experience, by means of an accurate narrative and lots of images, scenes of famous movies where we can see historic diving gear together with famous actors.
Concerning diving equipment, our website recently acquired some rare pieces, such as the precursor of all diving spear guns, the Pulvenis, that can be set between the hand spears and the first spear gun models, with the classic handle invented  in 1937 by Kramarenko. Then Mares VicoJet De Luxe stainless-steel model, perhaps produced in a very small series or only on order, in competition with the exclusive SuperTrident of Salvas, the first stainless steel spear gun offered as an alternative to the standard Trident.
In the regulator sector, we can highlight the continuous increase of the two-hose models made in USA that, slowly, allow to build the evolution of the series began with Mistral, in an escalation of changes and new models to arrive to the Royal Mistral branded, above all,  U.S. Divers and Aqualung, unknown in Europe.
A special attention is brought to the illustrated catalogues of diving gear of the first decades, difficult to find but extremely important means to build, with precision, the rise and evolution of historic equipment and instruments appeared between 1935 and the beginning of the 1970. In their specific section, until now the complete catalogues are 22, scanned page by page and downloadable. Many other are coming, also of unknown companies. It is impressive to discover how much information it was available to the divers, during the time, considering that once, almost everything was produced by artisans, alternating genius inventions to extravagant ones. Speaking about numbers, with the contribution of several collectors and passionate, our descriptive technical sheets of different products are more than 600; files dedicated to dating report the origin year of 1.100 gear and other hundreds are waiting to be inserted. Speaking about the pictures, those present in our website are more than 1.500.
One section is still, that one of Special Collections and, it is a pity considered the curiosity created by little known things, equal to the simplest and expected ones, presented following a scheme. It could be the humblest piece of equipment, the snorkel, to show a series of types, models, colors to tell its evolution path, from the piece made by a gas hose used by pioneers to the more sophisticated units, equipped with valves and deflectors. Then knives, gadgets, harpoons and others. All contribute to enrich our technic/historic culture or, simply, our curiosity for that adventurous and fascinating period which characterized a diving age, very far away.