<> website does not want to be the simple showcase of collections and historic documents of its founder; on the contrary, it proposes itself as a web “open” space, accessible to anyone who wishes to give his support to the circulation of technical and cultural knowledge related to scuba diving, from its origins to the modern age.

CONTRIBUTIONS  - To be published in this website with one own items, documents or images, not already published, you must send an email to , by mentioning the subject or leaving your phone number to be contacted. We will ask for some pictures of the owned items, together with technical-historic news, if available. In the technical sheets of the published items, its origin must be indicated. No physical items must be shipped.

CONTENTS – Website contents are available for reading and download to everybody; in case someone wants to re-publish the information, we ask him/her to name the source (person/website). In general, pictures of the technical section are of HD large format and printable, unless those received in low definition or taken from texts.

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS - The technical “special collections” sub-section is somehow different from all what has been done for the rest of this website. It was meant to host compilations of original, unique exclusive collections, such as the "the dissection" already published.  It can be simple snorkels of all ages or accessories, apparatus, special diving devices of exclusive professional, military or special use, not necessarily part of the time periods specified in the items defined as "historic" or "old".



Saturday 10 September 2016

The August’s calm suggested to review some parts of the website structure; you can see it above all in its new menus and submenus, more immediate and faster. Also, the guide has been reviewed since, before, it was not too clear and useful to the majority, as it had to be. We corrected few mistakes. We kindly ask you to inform us about them, when you find one! Concerning the new introductions, there are several ones in the Lamps and electronic computer sections while some other addition has been made in Spear gun, Underwater Photography, Equipment age. Historic company profiles are now four, with the entrance of Healthways and Scubapro, soon adding Spirotechnique and Technisub. In the introduction of the companies that made the history of diving, somehow, we try to follow a time line but, the difficulty to find news and images of their age sometimes makes this a hard job. We remind you that this website is opened for the cooperation of everybody. Please, send us news and special gear that you own. We will publish them with your name. Going back to the main page of these news, you find some information.


Sunday 24 July 2016

In this last period, the website structure had some improvements while the Guide highlighted in red in the main menu now should give a clear idea of how to navigate in the different sections, subsections and menus. The new introductions refer to several sectors. The technical sheets of spear guns were completed for all 96 models present in the Virtual Museum; in Equipment age, the list of gear passed 900 items; in Underwater Photography we added the complete series of Nikonos; single hose regulator arrived to 116 and in the Fins and Masks section there are now about twenty products. Also, the Workshop section enriched of other two illustrated maintenance charts with the very precious series of demonstrating pictures. At this point, this website is composed of more than 500 pages but, considering that many sections are low of contents, thanks to the contribution of our new and old friends we see the possibility soon of reaching 1.000 pages. It is an ambitious goal, quite worrying!!