Autonomous underwater diving, free from constraints to the surface, became possible with the invention of three technical innovations: fins (patent de Corlieu 1933), the single-lens mask with coplanar vision (Monogoggle Patent Kramarenko, 1935) and the diving regulator (CG45 Cousteau-Gagnan, 1946)

"Historical equipment" is the gear dating back to the origins of the autonomous underwater diving until 1980. By contrast we call gear which is at least 25 years old "vintage equipment". The fixed divide is the year 1980, because it represents the boundary between spontaneous diving and new industrialized diving, between self-managed diving and the spread of diving centers, between old teaching schools and the new teaching schools founded in the US.
The virtual museum collects both "historical" and "vintage" equipment but just the most interesting or special products of the latter.

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