is the International collector Register of antique diving pieces, both of recreational and professional diving; its registration is free-of-charge
Dutch website dedicated to rebreathers, to their history and technology
Historical Diving Society Italia official website     
by proteo962 – Italian website about diving history and exchange of recreational and professional diving gear 
Italian website related to the historic diving gear museum in Turin of Virginio Masera            
French website of Jean Grepinet of historical regulators  
American website of historic diving gear and their recovery                             
American website of historic diving, with an extensive section of diving spearguns of all ages
French website of Cyril Malzac of historic diving spearguns and spike launchers coming from all over the world
French website selling Maco2 spearguns with a remarkable image gallery
Adair Ribeiro website includes the largest collection of 2-hose regulators probably in the world, grouped by brand in alphabetic order, with pictures and technical data
Belgium site of 2-hose regulators, with headquarter at Tanines’ "Les Scaphandriers" club
linked to the German Historical Diving Society, this website is dedicated to all historic diving gear, to diving technique, to their use, including several other subjects, both historic and current
this website list, in alphabetic order, all international manufactures of single and double hose regulators, by model and, in most of the cases, with their technical sheet
this website concerns specifically regulators and instruments of old up to modern times, photographed by different angles, each one including its economic evaluation ch
this website is dedicated to all has been invented by J.I. Cousteau and produced by La Spirotechnique­. Images represent an infinity of models in details.
a museum made in USA, where people find regulators, instruments, BCDs, lamps and other historic gera. Hundreds of pieces politely divided by categories and illustrated in detail.
In his website, the famous photographer Alberto Romeo put different series of diving and nature images of great impact, taken during the years all over the world
website of the German Historical Diving Society
Lilly Whites catalogs