<> website does not want to be the simple showcase of collections and historic documents of its founder; on the contrary, it proposes itself as a web “open” space, accessible to anyone who wishes to give his support to the circulation of technical and cultural knowledge related to scuba diving, from its origins to the modern age.

CONTRIBUTIONS – To be published in this website with one own items, documents or images, not already published, you must send an email to <>, by mentioning the subject or leaving your phone number to be contacted. We will ask for some pictures of the owned items, together with technical-historic news, if available. In the technical sheets of the published items, its origin must be indicated. No physical items must be shipped.

CONTENTS – Website contents are available for reading and download to everybody; in case someone wants to re-publish the information, we ask him/her to name the source (person/website).
In general, pictures of the technical section are of HD large format and printable, unless those received in low definition or taken from texts.

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS - The technical “special collections” sub-section is somehow different from all what has been done for the rest of this website. It was meant to host compilations of original, unique exclusive collections, such as the "the dissection" already published.  It can be simple snorkels of all ages or accessories, apparatus, special diving devices of exclusive professional, military or special use, not necessarily part of the time periods specified in the items defined as "historic" or "old".



Mercoledì 10 Maggio 2017

After four months of forces stillness, our website is online completely updated. We transferred it in a larger operative platform, suitable to handle the reached dimensions and very easy to manage. This website maintains all characteristics of its original version, with the addition of few things: besides the extension of the contents in all sections, there are some news, among them a good search engine and two new titles in the main menu: Let’s talk of ... and Old Market. The first is a container intended to host various documents referred to gear and to their history, points of view, comments. The market is, instead, a space of free ads for whoever wants to sell or exchange something that is part of the types and ages considered in this website or, to propose switches. It presents as an unusual opportunity exclusively dedicated to “historic” or “old” products. It may become a meeting point for all those passionate who own old gear and precious memories.


Giovedì 20 Ottobre 2016

To grow and continuously improve is part of the priority of this website, of its own nature. So, it happened also in the last period, with the introduction of new products, pictures, technical information, historic news. Above all, with the last improvement of its structure and the introduction of the search engine, although if not final yet. Also, if we did not advertise it, has already several followers also International, from Europa to USA until Australia, where one collector asked a lot of questions and advises. Unfortunately, we are not able to satisfy the requests of those who ask for all pages in English however, several documents will be available also in English soon. We remind you that this website is opened for the cooperation of everybody, as we specified in the News. Please, let us know about special gear that you own or technical news, and we will publish them with your name.